If you dare to accept this challenge, you will be amazed at how QUICKLY you will make your dreams a reality. Just do your part and follow through daily!

Greatness is not determined by the occasional win. But by the daily grind.

About Mike Martinez...

Starting from humble beginnings, Mike Martinez was born in the ghettos of Brooklyn NY. Being raised by a single teenage mother, he lacked the guidance of a male figure for the first 10 years of his life.

As fate would have it, during middle school Mike met Nellie Peralta at just 15 years old. He would go on to marry Nellie just four years later. His calls her his greatest inspiration for success. Until this day, he cherishes every moment with Nellie.

With little education, but a burning desire to improve his life and for touching others lives, Mike buried himself in study through books, seminars, audios, and mentorship.

Today Mike's life has come full circle. Still married to his sweetheart. Father to three successful kids. Grandfather to seven kids he delights in training for success.

His passion is in challenging others to expand their comfortzone and dare them to live the life of their dreams.